2018 New Neckband headphone X3 has been launched

In the lives of fashion people,personality showing not only rely on popular apparels and hairs, but also the fashionable digital equipment is a must. The X3 bluetooth headphone,launched latest in Nayin Technology, designed for the young people who pursues the personality.



Her main highlights

light neckband, lighten the ears

X3 designed in style of neckband

make sure large part of weight loaded by the shoulders,

reduce loads to the ears.Wearing lightly and comfortably.



colourful decorations,beautirul and fashionable

There are colourful decorating parts inserted in both the terminals of the neckband and back of the receiver.Wearing the headphone, looks like a fashionable decoration for the ears. Wearing on the street,feels much of fashion.



Many Options of Colour, Meet Every Requirments.

Many fashionable and newly colors matched in headphone.

It can match all kinds of your clothing,

Satisfy with your different demands of life.



Alert in Vibrating, Heart Saving

Built-in vibrating part in headphone.

When the calls in,

it will vibrate on frequently.

You will not miss any call.



Headphone Designed in Invisible

Headphone designed in invisible

and the cable is adjustable by the button on the neckband

Not only keep away from the effect of echometer

but also can be stored easily, and no annoyance from the twine cord.



Balance Design, Wearing Comfortably

The controller and battery are distributed in each side of neckband.

and the design is symmetric,

so as to have more symmetric and comfortable for wearing.



Large capacity battery, long standby time

Designed in low power dissipation chip

160mAh large capacity cell

guarantee play 8-10 hours continuously

standby 400 hours



Mechanic designed in waterproof

X3 waterproof designed on mechanic

Via tested,reached standard of waterproof IPX7

Don’t worry the sweat will soak into the headphone at all.

Let music motivate your sport energy.



Appliable in many scenes

The outstanding noise canceling ability and fashionable design,

Let you in your home, subway,indoor gymnasium,etc,

either go for leisure, or talking, listening to music,

without any pressure.



To the people who pursues fashion and convenience.

X3 is a good option.

Should hesitate to choose what type of headphone,you may pay attention to it.