TWS, ear hook and neckband headphones, which kind do you prefer?

At present, bluetooth headset has become mobile phone mobile devices such as very important, more and more people in their daily lives more and more like to phone with bluetooth and entertainment, popular on the market of bluetooth headset there is wireless, neck, ears hanging three wear type, that what are the strengths and weaknesses of the three kinds of headphones, consumers and how to choose?Now, the technical staff of NAYIN technology will explain it for you.



Turel wireless bluetooth headset

Pros: Ture wireless headphones are lightweight to wear and innovative to use. They can be used by one person, Shared by two people, and paired with a mobile phone.In addition, many true wireless earphones come with rechargeable storage box, which can not only receive the earphone, effectively protect the earphone, but also can charge the earphone, which is very suitable for leisure or travel use.


Disadvantages: there is no earphone accessories, which are easy to fall off when used in the motion state. In addition, its semi-open structure makes the earphone sound insulation effect not very ideal, and the earphone sound quality is not very good when used in the noisy environment.



Bluetooth headset with earphone motion

Advantages: the earphone bluetooth headset not only has good anti-shedding effect, but also has many styles. Many of them also have the function of heart rate detection, which is very suitable for exercise.In addition, because the earplug of earphone of earphone of hang ear type enters ear canal, sound insulation effect is good, wear also more firm.


Weakness: above all, the security problem that sound insulation effect is good bring.Secondly, it is a cleaning problem. If the earplugs are not cleaned regularly, a large number of bacteria will cause a variety of ear diseases.Moreover, if the earplug is not properly selected or the earphone ergonomic design is not reasonable, the earplug frequently enters and exits the ear canal easily.In addition, the earphone bluetooth headset is also not suitable for wearing glasses. It can be worn reluctantly, but it is easy to suffer from ear fatigue and pain after a little time.



A bluetooth headset with a neck

Advantage: modelling individual character, vogue, wear very comfortable also.It can be used in many scenes and can also be hidden under the collar.In addition, the battery capacity can be larger than other types of bluetooth headsets.It is suitable for daily leisure, work and light weight sports. For example, the X1, X2 and X3 products of nanyin technology are such neck-mounted bluetooth earphones.


Cons: not suitable for use when exercising with large body swing or strenuous exercise.






These three kinds of earphones have their advantages and disadvantages, and the purpose and usage scenarios of earphones purchased by consumers are different. Therefore, it is most important for consumers to choose the earphones that are suitable for them according to their own needs, and the ones that are suitable are the best.