A manufacturer of Bluetooth headphone tell you how to take care of headphone diaphragm

The diaphragm in the Bluetooth headset is an important part of the sound of the headphones and the most sensitive part.The diaphragm material is very thin,susceptible to injury,so take care of the diaphragm of the headphones and effectively improve the life of headphones. Now as a manufacturer of Bluetooth headphones, we Shenzhen Nayin Technology gi

ve you some tips on how to protect the diaphragm of the headphone!



1、Do not play loud music on your new headphones:the diaphragm is hard for new and become better after using for days. If you play loud music using new headphones it maybe hurt the diaphragm. So do not play loud music on your new headphones for long time.

2、Try to avoid collisions:The headphone diaphragm is a relatively delicate, violent collisions can cause loose or damaged internal parts, deforming the diaphragm,so you should try to avoid headphones bumping and falling.

3、Pay attention to the temperature:the material of the diaphragm is diverse, and the heat resistance of each material is different. If we use the headphone in high temperature, the diaphragm will be easily transformed. So do not expose your headphone in the sun for long time.

4、Keep away from water and corrosive chemicals and so on:most headphone diaphragms are made of metal and some are made of bio film or paper. No matter which kid of diaphragms, they are easy to be hurt by water or corrosive chemicals. So keep your headphone away from wet environment or corrosive chemicals. And we should choose waterproof headphones for doing sports. After finishing sports we should clean the sweat on headphones in order to protect the headset and the inside components.

For those who like using Bluetooth headphones if you do not remember the above tips, you maybe hurt the headphone diaphragm. So these tips may be helpful when you use or store your headphones.